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In challenging times such as the one we are going through in 2020, it is imperative that we keep our communication live, active and useful. In addition to physical well-being and mental health, being social-beings, we humans have to keep up our social well-being too. Social distancing and work from home have led to an upsurge in usage of technological tools, along with an increase in consumption of online entertainment as well as activity on social media platforms. While we are adapting to a new normal, it is also important that we share our ideas, knowledge and experience with each other. At AcadsHR, we have been working with the best of schools and corporates in the education sector, and we have started a series of blog posts to share with you some of the developments we have seen in this sector, working closely with top-notch professionals in this field.


In today’s article we would like you to understand the benefits of Video Resume, also called as Visume in short, and why you should work on preparing one. We have worked with many candidates and corporates over the past few months, and have seen clear evidence of how video resumes have benefitted job aspirants. Below are a few points that can help a professional consider the advantages of having a visume, and to make an informed decision. We hope to provide more such useful information to you through our series of blog posts.


1. Highlight personality better than a text document

A visume enables candidates to display their strengths like in a personalised interaction, and stress on the achievements and skills. With visumes, candidates have the benefit of using their visual, vocal and verbal skills.


  • Visual skills
    • professional appearance
    • facial expressions
    • body language
    • smile



  • Vocal skills
    • confident delivery of a message
    • voice modulation and accent
    • fluency of language
    • ability to engage an audience


  • Verbal skills
    • vocabulary
    • simplicity and clarity while explaining
    • pronunciation
    • humour


Candidates can talk about how passionate they are about their chosen profession, and speak confidently with enthusiasm, and it would be evident to the recruiter from the energy levels expressed.  The hiring manager and HR recruiter would be able to assess the candidate’s fitment to the company’s culture, which would enable a faster and better hiring decision.


2. Provide indication of tech-savviness and adaptability

In times when Work From Home (#WFH), #online-classes, #webinars, #social-distancing are trending, the technological skills of communicating distantly through video explanations and screen-sharing are no more ‘preferred’ skills but are set to become mainstream/basic requirements. A visume is an easy and instant proof which shows that a candidate is able to adapt to new technologies and changing business environment. In addition, a candidate has the opportunity to make the video more creatively, and display creativity too.


3. Provide proof of communication skills

A video resume is similar to an elevator pitch. It is a crisp summary of professional experience and future career goals. There is a set time-limit for a candidate to present himself/herself as a true professional. Proficiency in spoken language, clarity of speech, fluency, simplicity, vocabulary, accent, voice-modulation, ability to express with impact, etc are some of the traits that a video resume can instantly provide to the hiring manager, which is unavailable on a document. Through a video resume, a candidate would be able to shorten his/her application processing time, as many assessments done during a telephonic round and a HR interview round could get addressed in the video resume itself.


4. Answer some questions ahead of the interview

Document based CVs are quite clichéd, and can be very monotonous. They can run into several pages and still may not be able to address the questions a recruiting manager might have.  The document would be a list of previous job roles, achievements and educational qualifications, while in a video resume, a candidate is enabled to explain and discuss a specific challenge overcome or an achievement that is very relevant to the current role being considered.  Some qualities and attributes that hiring managers look for in candidates, that can be highlighted in a short video, much easier than in a text-based CV:

  • Ability to set a medium-term goal and break it down into a task-list and drive the tasks to completion within time
  • Relevant experience and technical skills
  • Ability to co-ordinate, collaborate and work with a team spirit
  • Experience of having handled difficult situations, customers or any other tough situations at work

Candidates can demonstrate the drive and energy level required for the job role, and highlight some of the non-technical skills, for which there is limited scope in a text based CV, and it is a great opportunity for both the candidate as well as the employer to make a faster and better assessment of fitment to the role. The hiring manager can then be prepared with specific questions for the final interview.


5. Enable Visibility

A video resume is a quick and easy way to grab attention of a recruiter. It may become a new norm in the coming months in 2020 or a bit later, yet as of now, it would certainly depict a candidate’s willingness to be a step ahead of the general crowd. This could be seen as a definite advantage now, while over time, it may become a new normal. In any case, early or late, it is better to be prepared with a Video resume.

Though there are no hard and fast rules for the duration of a video resume, a general guideline would be to keep it short and to the point. A good video resume could go from 2 to 3 minutes.  Any longer, it might look like seeking a lot of attention or may become monotonous and a candidate may lose the attention of the recruiter. Any shorter, it may become too shrunk to fit all requisite skills and experience that a candidate might want to project. It is certainly not a good idea to read out a CV in front of a camera, but always a good idea to keep certain points noted down behind the camera so that no good points get missed during the video recording.


A sample video resume (Visume) of a Mathematics Teacher is shared with you for illustration purpose only on our YouTube channel. Please find the link here:

To check a sample video resume of an IBDP Chemistry teacher, kindly click on following link:



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