Top 6 Factors that affect Teachers Decision during Job Change

When you decided teaching as your career, it probably would have been about having a rewarding and worthwhile career as well as it would have been about decent salary. Teaching is far more than just a job. It is kind of a calling and many people choose it so that they can make a difference in others’ life. Financial salary and other perks are of course a part of it but seeing their students achieve important milestones is also a satisfying reward for many.


We conducted a survey among teachers to find out the factors that affects their choices when they are looking to make a move in their careers. Teachers gave various reasons that may affect their career moves, but there were 6 prominent factors that mostly affect their job change decisions.


1. Work Location

School/College or any educational institute location from the residing place of teachers is one of the most important factors for teachers to decide whether they want to take up their job at the particular institute or not. Commute to the workplace often influence teachers’ opinion in selecting the offer.


2. Work Culture

Next important factor that affect teachers’ opinion in selecting a job offer comes from their perception of the institute work culture which they may assess through the dialogue with teachers working already at the school or college. They also try to assess some hint about it during interview process.


3. Pay & Benefits

Good salary and other benefits like transport facility, accommodation, child fee waive-off, healthcare benefits, etc. are the next factors that affect a teacher’s decision in selecting a particular school/college to teach. They also look for good opportunities of training and interaction with other international teachers.


4. Designation and Job Role

Teachers also look for a more important role with more experience like Coordinator, Curriculum Designer, HOD, Vice Principal or Principal. If they feel that they can utilize their skills in more administrative roles, they definitely look for a best match job role for them.


5. Educational Institute’s Image

Educational institute’s reputation also works in school/college favor in attracting better pool of talent when they are open to hire. 


6. Flexible Working Hours and Workload

Many a times teachers also look for flexible working hours to help them manage their work-life balance. Teachers can ask about promotional aspects, the leadership, class sizes, workload and opportunity for flexible working hours or part-time working before deciding the correct institute to progress their career.



Apart from these factors, there are also some subtle factors like opportunity to teach in their dream curriculum, challenging work and freedom to implement teachers’ own practices, absence of discrimination between teachers, market research opportunities or opportunity to take knowledge to different set of students also influence teachers’ decision while making a career move.


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