How to Create an Impactful Visume (Video Resume)

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At AcadsHR we strive hard to support both the academies as well as academicians to fulfil their requirements. While we support by working as a bridge between the various resource requirements at top notch institutions and education corporate at one end and the best suited academicians on the other end, we also extend our support by sharing our experiences through our blogs and posts on our website, newsletter emails and social media posts. In a recent article shared a few days back, we had explained the significance of Video Resumes, i.e., Visumes, and how they could become a new normal in current times. We are happy to share with you that over the last few days, we have seen a surge in the number of CVs we have received with Visume links. That goes to show how the professionals of today are adapting to change very quickly and keeping pace with the need of the times.

You can read our article on the importance of creating a visume here-


In today’s blog, we want to get to the next logical step. After understanding the benefits of building a visume, one needs to know how to build one. We have seen various kinds of videos, some really good ones and few average ones, so we wanted to share a few thoughts around how to build an impactful visume explaining a few detailed points.


The visume flow can use the below format and have clear focus on the personal details, professional information and career growth, and follow a certain set of general guidelines. However, please do not limit yourself to the points and guidelines we have shared. We encourage you to show your creativity as well


Personal Focus:

  • Who you are: your Name, a brief background in terms of education, places you have lived and worked at
  • A few lines on what have you done professionally and your workplace details


Professional Focus:

  • Your passion and specialization (Strengths)
  • Your achievements so far


Focus on Career Goals:  

  • Where do you want to go next/ aspirations?
  • Why are you looking for an opportunity outside your current job-role?
  • What aspects of your skills and passions remain limited at present and how the next role you are looking forward to can fulfil them?
  • What makes you stand out, and a very-good fit for the next role you are aiming?


General points to consider:

  • Ensure that you deliver the message that you have chosen this profession because of your passion, and how you are enjoying and want to grow in your career. Even if you have gone with the flow (and not by choice) to where you are working currently, let the recruiters know what you really enjoy about your work through specific examples of your achievements and/or appreciations received at your past/current workplace by senior management and/or by customers
  • Show-off your communication skills through expressions 
  • Be audible, talk clearly, assertively and have a smiling gesture
  • Ensure that the background view or background sound – are not distracting
  • Be dressed in a professional attire: formals work for all occasions, business casuals may also be alright, it depends on the role – so dress up for the role
  • More than everything else, confidence is the key. This is a clear advantage of having a visume and a text-based CV, and ensure that you sound confident about your skills and your growth potential.
  • Take feedback from friends/colleagues before sharing your visume with a potential employer

Few sample visumes are created for you to give an idea. Please view them below:

How to upload and share your Visume

Here is the video link that is a step by step guide on how to create your own channel or a drive on the cloud, and how to upload your video CV and then how to share it: 


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