How to create a good first impression with Recruiters?

For any job posts, these days Recruiters are loaded with CVs. Be sure and give the right and brief information about you on your resume. The below mentioned few tips can help you get your dream job.


Basic Resume Writing Tips:

  1. Resume shouldn’t be more than two pages.
  2. Provide your complete name, contact number, email id and residing address. This will enable the recruiters to know your commuting distance to work location.
  3. Educational qualifications along with the year of passing.
  4. A CV photograph with a perfect headshot – no distracting background, professional attire is a must and Say cheese
  5. Please mention the Birth Year, Gender, and Marital Status on the last page of your CV under Personal Details Headlines.
  6. A well-written Cover letter
  7. Save the CV file as given here: “YourFirstName_Designation” E.g.: Kevin_BusinessAnalyst; Maya_MathsTeacher
  8. While sharing the CV please ensure to write a correct Subject Line “YourName_Job Applying For” Ex: “Sam_Chemistry Teacher_HighSchool”. So, it gets easier for the recruiters to move to the right folder and don’t have to save it again.


The first impression usually a recruiter looks for:

During the initial conversation Recruiters generally observe on the below points, these are provided in a sequence: 

  • Proactiveness and the eagerness on the open position, how well he/she can express or articulate.
  • Number of years of experience, subject knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to details this shows their knowledge on the subject
  • Organization fitment as a team player, will he/she seek support and help each other and be the right fit for the company and its culture.
  • Above all your body language and your confidence


To know more about what a recruiter looks for in a candidate while looking for the best fit profiles, kindly check this video: 

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