8 Work from Home Job Opportunities for Teachers

If you are contemplating making major changes in your career and life, or are a former teacher or retired one, you can pursue the following online teaching related jobs- 

1. Online Teacher

For teachers who still love work but prefer work from home due to personal obligations, online teaching provides a chance to continue with their passion. Some online teachers focus on homeschooling students, while others may focus on adult learners or business training programs.

There are many online teaching jobs from primary to high school. As more and more children are home-schooled due to the pandemic situation, online teaching has recently become more popular.

It depends on which online platform you teach how many students you have in a class. As an online teacher, your job is to simulate a normal classroom environment as much as possible. Depending on your experience, you may be hired to teach one or more subjects.


2. Online Tutor

Whether you’re major is ESL, computer science, or SAT test preparation, online tutoring can be a profitable way to earn a living from home or increase your salary in your daily work. Platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing software make it simpler to conduct face-to-face tutoring courses and reduce commuting.

Online tutoring is a real-time interaction between students and tutors. This is the future of learning. Both students and tutors can communicate through a software system that contains all the tools needed to teach a subject. It uses the same methodology as the classroom and at times it is more useful than the traditional tutoring process. As a mentor, you must develop a plan and required subject matter around your topic. While teaching, you will be required to submit your work online.


3. Online Instructor

The job of an online instructor is different from that of an online teacher. They are teachers who are involved in higher education. Virtual teacher positions are on the rise, but the profession can offer low pay. But when you can teach in the comfort of your home, it will be so much easier. Today, it is difficult to get a permanent position, but for higher education instructors, a benefit is that online teacher/lecturer work can continue to grow. When you can teach in the comfort of your home, the relatively low salary of part-time teaching is more acceptable.


4. Writing Coach

Writing coaches are in great demand. Many people are struggling with their writing skills, whether they are high school students, college students, or even graduates looking out for jobs. Many people are rarely able to polish their writing skills through college and then start to struggle once they enter the business world. They require a writing coach.

Today most managers said that writing skills are the skills most recent graduates lack. You can help bring about the change in this trend by reviewing these basic skills with students and corporate clients. 

Writing coaches help people by providing structure for their writing projects and providing suggestions on how to improve their writing. As a coach, you can help many students or corporate people write their projects, or provide study material to help them learn, practice, and improve their writing.


5. Curriculum Developer

As a teacher you spend a lot of time in class teaching your own materials, then you know what works and what does not. Make the most of this professional knowledge and establish a career as a curriculum developer. Course developers produce perfect, tailored curriculums. The main job portal lists curriculum developers who can create content on various topics. Some like Indeed will filter remote jobs for you. Also, big educational institutions and community boards always have a list for curriculum developers.


6. Educational consultants

Consultants generally earn more than employees with similar experience in the same field. You can create a business out of training teachers and administrators. You should consult directly with the industry clients. In addition, this job function requires the professional to be more diligent and dedicate more time to work.


7. Test Scorer

A test score checker is a person who scores and evaluates tests. This is actual work from a job for teachers offered by education testing companies. These jobs usually require a bachelor's degree and teaching experience. Educational Testing Service (ETS) is one such company, which always looks for TOEFL, GRE, and other test scores online and on-site. This is usually a part-time and periodic job because the needs vary from place to place.

Assessments may not be exciting for teachers, but they provide a stable income when needed. The person may be paid per hour or for every evaluated test.


8. Blogger

As mentioned above, strong writing skills are valued. If you're ready to embrace new things, you can use your skills as a blogger focused on educational topics, or whatever topic you have great knowledge deep in your heart. To take up this career, get ready to start pitching before hitting the switch and leaving the classroom for good.

A full-time career as a blogger is based on contacts, and you must establish your contacts before submitting them. You may be wondering what this job has to do with the teaching profession. Yes, it has something to do with teaching work if not entirely. As a blogger, you can write anything specific about a topic deep in your heart that you would like to share with others.

If you are a teacher or an individual who wants to become an educator I have shared the list of best online teaching platforms in India.

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